The Violet Page Out of School Care Program ages 5 years (or K) -12 years

Program staff will complete weekly planning based on children’s observations and interests. These observations will insure that the program is meeting the developmental needs of all children.   

   Physical development will be met through daily outdoor play experiences (weather permitting) which will facilitate gross motor movements. Fine motor development will be incorporated into daily routine such as art experiences, meal times .The program will also assist physical health with proper nutrition and hand washing.
    Staff will display appropriate social behavior and act as role models for children. Early childhood educators will facilitate sharing and cooperation where developmentally appropriate. Encourage responsibility and independence and mutual respect for all children and staff.
    Cognitive/Intellectual development will be met through planned daily experiences.  Staff will assist children with concept formation (size, shape, color,and texture),encourage problem solving skills, assist in classifying, awareness in similarities and differences and increase observation skills.
   Creative development will be met daily through open ended art experiences and dramatic play. Staff will facilitate this learning instead of leading, thus encouraging the children to direct the play themselves.
   Early childhood educators will help children to become aware of their emotions and allow healthy and acceptable emotional release.  Staff will increase self-esteem by celebrating accomplishments and independence.  This is made possible through developmentally appropriate experiences in which children will exceed.
   The VP OSC believes language development is essential for staff and children. Children will be provided with a number of opportunities to practice language skills such as, in the dramatic play area, during meal times, and through daily interactions with their peers. All areas of the program will be labeled in correct vocabulary so children will be able to associate words with items.
Indoor: The VP OSC has purchased a modular from Alberta Infrastructure.  This modular allows for adequate light within the play area, multiple sinks for hand washing and bathroom stalls. The space also provides an adequate area for administrative duties and a kitchen.